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Tiny Scanner Review

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Tiny Scanner Review Tiny Scanner is a convenient little app that does the work of a scanner with just the touch of a button. You can scan multiple pages and share to yourself with a few clicks. It’s a convenient…

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GoToMeeting App Review

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GoToMeeting does exactly what you would think given its name: it allows you to attend meetings virtually. The app is a decent, relatively functional piece of technology that fulfills its intended goals. It’s easy to create and share presentations and…

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GoToWebinar Review

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GoToWebinar App Go To Webinar allows you to attend webinars from your smartphone, instead of having to stay at your computer. We are a mobile population, always rushing around, so it’s very convenient to be able to access these webinars…

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FaxFile App Review

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Fax File Review Fax File is a simple app with a single purpose: allowing you to send faxes to another person without using a fax machine. The scarcity of fax machines nowadays mean it’s hard to find one when you…

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Duolingo Review

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Duolingo Review Duolingo is a fun, easy, enjoyable way to pick up a new language. A lightweight app with lots of features, it’ll have to speaking a second language with less pain and more game. You won’t find yourself annoyed…

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Photomath App Review

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Photomath Review Photomath is the universe’s gift for students. It’s an app that allows you to take a picture of a math problem and then see it solved step by step. Although some parents have suggested that this is cheating,…

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Google Classroom App Review

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Educational apps are one of many new ways technology has changed the face of the classroom. Google Classroom is, likewise, one of those apps. With a school-provided account you can organize your classes, save time, and improve communication. Teachers and…

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iFunny App Review

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Free Fun Apps Humor is a perennial issue among humans; we as a species just love to laugh. It’s no surprise that funny apps would be quick to spring up – we’re always utilizing new ways to get out laughs….