Bookmate Review

Online Book Library

Online book libraries are a fun way to get your reading. No more carrying around heavy books. Bookmate is one of your many options for this type of reading. All you have to do is install the app and you get access to about thirty thousand books, with more in the paid version. It’s got a good set of features and is fun to use and find new books with.

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Bookmate App Review: Pros and Cons

Bookmate is a great app – it lets you access many different books easily. However, it has a few downsides.


  • Recommendations: Bookmate offers you smart recommendations based on what you’ve already read.
  • 12 languages: There’s support for English, Spanish, and twelve other languages.
  • Upload files: You can upload epubs so they’re always available to you and make them available to others too.


  • Fewer recognizable titles: Though it’s cheaper than some other services, Bookmate’s tradeoff is that it doesn’t offer as many truly well-known titles.
  • Just books: If you’re into audiobooks and comic books, Bookmate, alas, cannot provide. You’ll have to stick with just the text-based books for now.

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Ebook Reader Apps

Looking for another ebook reader app? Bookbub, Scribd, and Kindle are three options you could check out. There are lots of different ways of reading books online, so you won’t be left out when it comes to getting the newest eBooks quickly. Ebooks are one of the best things we’ve come up with – reading online is fun and easy! So don’t miss out on the trend. Go for something that works for you.

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