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Top New Photo Editing Apps

Photo editing is a blast – who can’t spend hours on Photoshop tweaking an image they took? Unfortunately, sometimes you don’t have hours on your laptop and Photoshop available. Sometimes you need something speedier, something mobile. In those circumstances, what you need is a photo editing app. However, it can be hard to find a really full-featured one when there are so many that don’t cut it. Here are some suggestions.

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Latest App for Photo Editing

These apps offer a wide range of photo editing services and types. You might be surprised at the diversity of photo editing apps out there! These are only a few of the weird, fun, and creative effects that an editing app can offer you easily and quickly on your phone.


Pixlr editorFree, Android and iOS. All you really need to know about Pixlr is that it has over two million combinations of effects, overlays and filters. The amount of time you can spend with this app is probably endless. Plus, you can add text, layer images, and make collages. Autofix, autocontrast, and added effects labels really make this app stand out. For a free app, this is just about the best you can get.


Fotor appFree, Android and iOS. Fotor has a really easy user interface to get used to, and it won’t take very much time for you to pick it up and start making beautiful photos. Editing, collaging, and sharing are all easy, and you can browse through other people’s photos for inspiration, too. It’s also the first app to deliver a “focus” feature to create deeper, clearer pictures. The range of features on Fotor make it well worth the download.


Qwik photo editorFree, Android and iOS. Qwik likes to bill itself as ‘the fastest and easiest way to make pretty photos’. They’re not wrong: with over 600 filters, it’s never been faster. The hardest thing is sorting through the multitude. There are other options, too, like lots of fonts and frames for spicing the image up. They’re constantly adding exciting new things, so you’ll never get bored with what’s there.


VSCO Cam new appFree, Android and iOS. This is a really full-featured app for being free; you can connect with other photographers from around the world by creating your own journal, see before and after shots of your photos, and import in high resolution. Creating beautiful, professional-quality photography with less effort than ever before is now possible thanks to the magic of VSCO. Plus, you’ll be able to join in on an existing community and get lots of tips and tricks from them.

Camera MX

Camera MX iconFree, Android. The real draw of this app is the option to create “live snaps”. These save the last seconds before you take the photo, creating a moving image that lets you relive the moment over and over. Visually sharper images and cutting and trimming options, as well as a great user interface, make this a good option for those of you who want to take better photos.

Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express editorFree, Android and iOS. If you’re a big fan of Photoshop and don’t want to use an outside app, there’s good news: now you can get Photoshop as an app! The pure convenience of this app is unmatched by any other option on the market. You’re probably already familiar with most of the settings if you regularly use Photoshop. It does come with pre-set filters, but they’re surprisingly not as interesting – adjust it yourself instead for best results.

Piclab HD

Piclab HD app$3.99, Android and iOS. The most expensive of these options, PicLab is nevertheless worth it if you’re into inspiring images with text. That’s where it excels: you’re able to have full control over typography with lots of fonts, effects, and colors. However, you can also layer illustrations and other designs, and the editing is full-featured and packed with filters and other options.

Handy Photo

Handy Photo logo$2.99, Android and iOS. Handy Photo is, despite having a bit of a cost, an extremely powerful photo editor. You can clip pieces out of photos, and then move, resize, or add effects to them. Plus, the palette-like effects menu is laid out in a circle so that the central area of the screen is clear. This makes it much easier to edit – just use swipe gestures to tone your effects up and down.


Camera+ lates photo editor$2.99/$4.99, iOS. Unsatisfied with the default iPhone camera? It certainly doesn’t give you the finesse that Camera+ does. You’ll have to lay out a bit of money, but this combined photo editor and camera really excels. Easy and quick import of existing photos also makes it more fun to use. Advanced shooting modes, touch exposure, and other fancy features make this really shine. In some ways this is a Photoshop of a camera, while still coming packaged with a great editing platform.


top new photo editing apps photowonderFree, Android and iOS. A beautiful photo editor, this free app has lots of features, such as a collage effect, blurry backgrounds, and concealers. Filters are limited, but very well-designed, so you won’t feel the lack so severely. Photo booth effects, plenty of layouts, and an agreeable user interface make this fun to use, and it’s fast and intuitive as well. You’ll be surprised at how much magic you can work with this app.

Find Latest Photo Editor Apps

Now you know some of the best photo editing apps out there. There’s lots of different options, so go ahead and download a few! Go out into the world and take amazing photographs with any of these apps. Whether you’re an amateur photographer or a professional, you’ll find something for you!

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