Duolingo Review

Duolingo Review

Duolingo is a fun, easy, enjoyable way to pick up a new language. A lightweight app with lots of features, it’ll have to speaking a second language with less pain and more game. You won’t find yourself annoyed by the app – instead, it’ll make learning something to look forward to.

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Duolingo Pros and Cons

Duolingo is a great language-learning app. For completeness, here’s a quick look at its pros and cons both.


  • New bots: The new Bots feature allows you to converse with bots to practice writing.
  • Fun gamification and rewards: Duolingo feels less like being educated and more like playing a game, which makes it fun. You can unlock extra vocab and get records for logging in, making it easy to stay motivated.
  • Refresh options: You won’t forget what you learned with Duolingo as long as you keep up with your refreshers!


  • Limited language choice: This is an inevitability of a well-designed app, since concentration generally means perfection, but you can’t study very many languages. There are plenty for a casual learner, but if you’re looking for something specific, it might not be there.
  • Limited speaking support: Again, this is more a limitation than a bug, but you can’t do too much speaking practice with Duolingo.

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Language Learning App

Language is a vital skill in our world today. If you’re looking for an app like Duolingo but with a little bit of a different spin, Babbel is a good choice. Whatever you go with, increase your skills and join the global community of polyglots today.

If you like this Duolingo review and app description, get start download it now!