FaxFile App Review

Fax File Review

Fax File is a simple app with a single purpose: allowing you to send faxes to another person without using a fax machine. The scarcity of fax machines nowadays mean it’s hard to find one when you need one. This app simplifies the issue by allowing you to send faxes from the convenience of your phone.

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Pros and Cons of Fax File

FaxFile is a convenient app with a lot to love about it. However, here’s a couple of things to be aware of as well.


  • Retries failed faxes: If a fax fails, the app automatically retries it. No more worrying about whether or not your credits will be wasted and whether or not your fax went through – the app will let you know.
  • Multiple pages per fax: You can send as many pages as you need to with each fax, depending on your credit balance of course. You won’t have to worry about sending ten-one page faxes to cover your ten-page document’s needs.


  • Slightly expensive credits: The fax credits, which you need to send a fax, are a little more expensive here than they are on comparable app.
  • No previews: You can’t preview faxes before you send them, nor edit them after you’ve got them finished. You’re stuck with what you’ve got unless you want to rescan.

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App for Sending Fax

If this app’s weaknesses are a deal breaker for you, try EFax or Tiny Fax. Whichever app you choose, it’s very useful to be able to access faxes without having to buy a fax machine or go to a shop!

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