Goodreads App Review

Goodreads App Review

Are you a bookworm? Is Facebook just too much about stuff and not enough about books? Goodreads aims to be a social network for books. You can read, review, and organize books you’ve read or want to read by shelves with the app. It’s very handy if you’re a big reader, and it’s a nice way to connect with your favorite authors, too.

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Goodreads Review: Pros and Cons

Goodreads is in many respects a great app. However, if you’re the type that looks for the stormcloud behind every rainbow, we cover both sides of the story.


  • Amazing organization: The real reason to download Goodreads is simply that you can organize a staggering number of books into a variety of shelves – read, unread, want to read, owned, and so on.
  • Good social integration: You can add friends from Facebook or independently with the app’s social integration. Make friends over your favorite books!
  • Author blogs: Another draw of Goodreads is that it supports author blogs that allow you to connect with authors you love.


  • Stability issues: The app has thus far been plagued with crashing and slow syncing.
  • Barcode scanner problems: Goodreads has a barcode scanner. The reason this is not on the pros is that it doesn’t work very well, and the multiscan feature has been removed.

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Apps for Books

There’s nothing quite like Goodreads easily available on the app market today. However, Kindle and Nook both allow you to rate books and mark them as read or owned, which is helpful. Whatever the case, we hope you can manage to organize your bookshelf to perfect satisfaction. Happy reading!

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