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There’s no question about it: eBooks are here to stay. We as a species have happened upon a good thing, and we’ve decided to keep it. Google Play Books is just one of the apps you can download to read books. It allows you to buy, download, keep, and read all the titles you purchase from the store.

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Google Play Books App Review

Google Play books is well-known; however, its positives and negatives both should be discussed before making a decision.


  • Uploading: One great thing about this app is that you can upload your own documents and books to read online or offline, all in one convenient place.
  • Dictionary app included: Just click a word and you’ll find that the definition appears! No more wondering what a word means but forgetting to look it up.
  • Text to speech when publisher allows: If there’s an allowed option by the publisher, you can enable text to speech and listen to the audio on your device.


  • Android only: Obviously, this is an Android-specific app. iOS users will have to rely on native apps instead.
  • No library organization: You can’t organize your books by tags or folders, so if you end up with a lot of books, it’s very inconvenient to sift through them all.

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If you’re an iOS user, you’ll have to try iBooks. For those of you wanting something a little more general, Kindle and Nook also offer smooth apps that allow you to download and store your books. Whatever you choose, we wish you happy reading and many hours of enjoyment!

Use this Google Play Books review and decide whether installing is worthy or not!