GoToMeeting App Review

GoToMeeting does exactly what you would think given its name: it allows you to attend meetings virtually. The app is a decent, relatively functional piece of technology that fulfills its intended goals. It’s easy to create and share presentations and invite people in. Overall, it’s an intuitive experience with many admirable features.

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Pros and Cons of GoToMeeting App

GoToMeeting fulfills its function admirable, though with a few bumps. Here’s a quick look.


  • Phone or VoIP: If you prefer to call rather than use the standard VoIP feature, it’s easily to do so.
  • Great presentation features: You can hand off the presentation to someone else, control what’s on the screen, and other such convenient features with GoToMeeting’s presentations.
  • Alerts: You won’t ever be late for a meeting again with alerts – they let you know when one is scheduled beforehand.


  • Hosting isn’t free: If you want to host, you’ll have to shell out some money and get a paid account. Attending is free, but hosting, alas, will cost you.
  • Camera share not fully developed: The camera share feature, which allows you to add video, is currently in beta. For the moment, you’ll have to stick to phoning it in unless you join the beta program.

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GoToMeeting Review

Looking for an alternate to GoToMeeting? Though it’s not a dedicated meeting app, Skype is probably your best bet; its group call feature works quite well for meetings. We hope that you can take advantage of the enormous amounts of new technology now available for business. It can streamline your life immensely.

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