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Go To Webinar allows you to attend webinars from your smartphone, instead of having to stay at your computer. We are a mobile population, always rushing around, so it’s very convenient to be able to access these webinars on your phone instead of your bulky computer. If you travel a lot and have virtual meetings, Go To Webinar is a good option for you.

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Pros and Cons of GoToWebinar

GoToWebinar offers some solid functionality along with some disadvantages. Here’s a quick list of both.


  • Good streaming quality: Of course it will depend on your internet connection, but if you have a solid one, the streaming quality of the video is very good and should be sufficient for your needs.
  • Good organization: The app’s layout is pretty intuitive, and it doesn’t take very long to understand. Click around a little bit and you’ll soon see where everything is with no fuss.


  • Expensive: You can’t host a webinar from the app itself – for that you have to subscribe, and subscription can lean towards the pricy end. For a small business, this can be pricey. However, this is only an issue for those of you wanting to host.
  • Scheduling can be complicated: Likewise an issue with the hosting end, scheduling a Webinar can be complex and the process is not very streamlined.

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Webinar App

An alternate option for this app is the simply-named Webinar. There aren’t very many other Webinar apps, however. But you shouldn’t miss out on the convenience of attending a webinar with your smartphone, so try one and see how much it can help!

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