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Humor is a perennial issue among humans; we as a species just love to laugh. It’s no surprise that funny apps would be quick to spring up – we’re always utilizing new ways to get out laughs. iFunny is born of this desire, and it provides a good way to get new humor quickly and easily. A community-driven comedy app, there’s lots of different types of comedy on it.

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iFunny Review about Apps for Fun

There are pros and cons to everything; here is a quick look at iFunny’s.


  • Solid app performance: When users complain about iFunny, it’s usually not about the performace of the app itself, which does its job most of the time. It’s refreshing to have an app where functionality isn’t an issue.
  • User-driven content: Since users upload funny content, you get plenty of different tastes.


  • Repeats: Lots of uploads are exactly the same thing you’d see on Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit, or another website.
  • Community issues: The community is notoriously toxic, with users being told to kill themselves for content someone doesn’t like. It’s wise to venture carefully if you download the app.
  • Unsuccessful spam filters: The spam filters can be simultaneously too trigger-happy for regular users and fail to keep out spam accounts.

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Free Funny Apps

If you’ve decided that iFunny isn’t for you, you could try the app Lit. It has a similar system for sharing humorous photos and videos. Whatever the case, humor is good for the soul, so we hope you enjoy your choice of app. Have fun laughing along to the latest jokes.

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