Indeed Job Search Review

Best Job Search App is one of the world’s largest job search websites, and now it’s come to app form. With Indeed, you can quickly apply to jobs, edit your profile, and find employers who are looking for someone just like you. Completely for free, available in over sixty countries, Indeed is a great option for finding and applying for jobs.

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Review Indeed Job Search

Indeed has a few downsides, but plenty of upsides to counter it.


  • GPS: GPS functioning allows you to find jobs in your city only.
  • Great filters: Searching is robust, and you can easily filter out what you want to see from what you’d rather not see.
  • Reminders: You can set reminders to apply to jobs later if you can’t do it now.


  • Only one phone number: You can only list one phone number on your profile.
  • Misleading offers: Some of the offers on Indeed are a little misleading, which can lead to miscommunication. This is more an employer issue than the app itself; however, better implementation of standards might help.

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Apps for Job Search Application

If you need job search help, but Indeed’s features don’t work for you, LinkedIn is a viable alternative. It’s, in some respects, more concentrated on networking, but you’ll still be able to find the jobs you need and apply straight from there. You can also find employers and speak with them on LinkedIn, which is handy. Whatever the case, you definitely need an online job application option – don’t let our world move on without you!

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