LinkedIn Job Search App Review

LinkedIn Job Search Review

LinkedIn is a popular job search and professional social website that allows you to network, find open positions, and talk to other professionals. It’s developed a companion app which has much of the same functionality as the website. The app doesn’t have much new and exciting, but it does replicate the website’s features with regularity and usability.

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Pros and Cons of LinkedIn

There are some downsides to LinkedIn, as well as some great features.

LinkedIn upsides:

  • Easy job application: LinkedIn hosts jobs right on its website, and allows you to connect with employers looking for people like you. It’s easy to apply for jobs right from your phone.
  • Great profile features: You can edit your profile right from the mobile app, which is very convenience, and you’re also able to update your resume and other important features quickly and easily.

LinkedIn downsides:

  • Too much promotional material: LinkedIn is a little in your face about its ads and its connections. This can be very vexing after a while.
  • Settings hard to find: The app has made its searching and layout much more intuitive, but settings remain difficult to locate quickly, which is annoying when you want to quickly change something.

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Best Job Searching Apps

If LinkedIn isn’t for you and you really need a job searching app, Indeed might be what you’re looking for. However, you should definitely try one job search app or the other. An increasing number of positions are open only online, and you don’t want to miss an opportunity! Good luck with your search.

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