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It’s that time of year again – the time when you need a new game to distract you from what’s going on. But then, isn’t it always that time of year? New phone games make everything more fun and can help you relax. However, it’s not very relaxing when you have to sift through all the latest releases, buying ones that look good but turn out to be rubbish. Here’s a list that can help.

The Best Latest Games for Android

These Android games are all fun and enjoyable, well worth the admission price, which we make sure to list.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go iconFree. This game isn’t the newest out there, but if you haven’t downloaded it, you’re going to want to. This is the latest iteration of the Pokemon franchise, beloved for many years, and it’s doing something totally new and different. Walk around your neighborhood to find gyms, catch Pokemon, visit Pokestops for Pokeballs and other exciting prizes, and hatch eggs. This game aims to get you up and moving, and in your quest for Pokemon, you’ll be socializing and gyms and Pokestops, too.


Reigns game$2.99. in Reigns, you’re a king trying to balance your kingdom’s treasury, army, religion and population. You do this via conversations with peasants, knights, witches, clergy, and other NPCs. At some point in the game, you’ll have to swipe the character card left or right. If this depletes your resources, you die, and begin again as next heir to the throne. Rarely is a strategy game so story-driven, but Reigns manages it well.

Mobius Final Fantasy

Mobius Final Fantasy iconFree. The incredible art and character models on this game make it worth the download. Based on battle and card collection, this game allows you to travel from place to place, gaining new skills and leveling up. There’s only a few chapters released yet, but Square Enix aims to roll out more in the coming months and has an update schedule on their Facebook. Whether you’re a Final Fantasy fan or not, this one’s worth checking out.

Her Story

her story gameOn sale for $2.99. Her Story is highly, highly unusual. That alone makes it worth checking out. The game has virtually no “gameplay” as such; in many ways it’s more like a visual novel in the Japanese tradition. Released last year for PC, this murder mystery exploration consists of searching through a database of police interviews. All you do is enter search terms, and videos come up. You’ll be drawn inexorably into a nonlinear exploration of a young woman’s murder.

Fortress Legends

Fortress Legends gameFree. A high-fantasy RPG with real-time battles, Fortress Legends comes as one of a long series of games in this classic genre, yet manages to make its mark. Magic, loot, base defense, raids, lots of items, and cool weapons makes this an enjoyable play for many types of gamers. There’s combat and strategy both, with lots of different options for characters and plenty of info on display. You’ll find this a nice genre-fusing game to keep you occupied.


Battleplans logoFree. Cell-shaded graphics make this fun fantasy strategy game stand out. Gameplay involves waging war, buying troops and upgrades, and waiting for the troops and upgrades to be delivered or built. You’re under time pressure to win the battles well, and moving troops at timed intervals allows you a greater chance to win. This is a competent and functional strategy game that’s nice to look at and fun to play.

Animation Throwdown

Animation Throwdown gameFree, with in-app purchases. This is a battling card game where you collect cards featuring characters from different animated shows and fight with them. It comes in PVP mode, where you can throw down against other players, or in the 25 chapter campaign which involves moments from each series the characters are in. The title is not completely free; you’ll have to purchase additional levels if you want to play them.

Auralux Constellations

Auralux Constellations logoFree, with in-app purchases. This real-time strategy game plops you down right in the middle of a space battle. Send your attacks to other planets and control your own planets to defend them. The cool space graphics will get any fan of sci fi into this game. Auralux is free to play, with additional features as in-app purchases; it gives you 150 levels and an online multiplayer mode. It also gives you support for Android TVs should you wish to play it off your phone.


Orbit game androidFree to $10.00. Highly minimalistic, Orbit is a puzzle game in which you must make planets orbit around a central point. There’s 45 levels in the free version, allowing you to launch as many planets as you want, and the pro version lets you create your own levels too. New mechanics get added to the game in each level. Simple graphics are offset by beautifully smooth animation, so this is more fun to look at than you’d think.


Kerflux gameFree to $7.99. In Kerflux, you line up waves so that they all match the final waves. It sounds very simple, but grows increasingly complex as you go along. The colors are striking and lend visual interest to a game that might otherwise be visually dull. Though it’s completely free to play, you can nevertheless choose to donate to support the developers.

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