App Review App Review Basics has found its niche: it’s a music video creator that lets you record yourself, edit the video, and put it to music. Its main concept is lip-synched music, but there are pretty extensive options, so you don’t need to limit yourself. is fun, and for its niche, it does a good job.

  • helpful musical ly review Pros and Cons is fun, but everything has its flaws. Here’s a quick look at both sides of the coin.

The good:

  • Video filters: A unique feature of is its extensive filter library that changes the look of your video and your face.
  • Plenty of friend and profile options: You can keep certain videos or your profile private, and you can friend people easily, making this comfortable to socialize on.
  • Add your own songs: There are few limits to what you can achieve with – just pick your audio and go.

The bad:

  • Teen oriented: Not a disadvantage if you’re a teen, but if you’re older, you might feel a bit out of place in the youth crowd that populates this app.
  • Time limit: Because this is a short video app, you can’t record a full video. The most you can achieve, with strung-together sequences, is 60 seconds; the limit is generally 15.

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The Music App You Want

If you’re not satisfied with, you have a couple of options. For great filters on videos, try Instagram. For fun short video oriented community, Vine is what you need. Regardless, does a nice job of providing an enjoyable music video experience for most users.

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