Pandora App Review

Pandora Review

Pandora is a custom radio station app that streams music based on your pre-existing tastes. It’s great at detecting what you like, and gets better the more you use it. Although it’s ad-supported, it has a premium version for ad-free listening. In short, Pandora is great for finding new music and your old favorites alike.

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Pros and Cons of Pandora App

Here’s a quick look at the upsides and downsides of Pandora.


  • The Music Genome Project: The really amazing thing about Pandora is its Music Genome project, which breaks songs down into components and isolates what you like. You’ll be surprised at how well Pandora gets to know your taste.
  • Endless streaming: If you need long hours of music to get you through your night or to discover great new stuff, Pandora has you covered.


  • Less control: You can only skip a certain number of times per station and per day, even on the desktop version of Pandora. Likewise, you can’t select songs to play – just moods. You can also create only a certain number of stations though, since that number is about 100, you probably won’t have an issue.
  • Fewer songs: At just over a million songs, Pandora isn’t exactly slacking. But many other music streaming services have something like twenty million, so it’s definitely not the highest number available.

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App for Listening Music

If Pandora isn’t for you, Spotify or iHeartRadio might be better options. Neither of them are quite the same thing as Pandora, but both give you radio options and the ability to like and dislike tracks. Getting good music doesn’t have to be hard – just try out these ways to discover.

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