Pandora vs Spotify: Apps Comparison

Spotify vs Pandora

Music streaming services are ever-growing in popularity. Music strikes a deep chord in humanity; we learn to appreciate music before we can even speak. Songs are older than words. So it’s no wonder that we all want our music, and want it the way we can most easily enjoy it. But there are lots of music streaming services nowadays, so it can sometimes be hard to choose the one that offers it the way you need it. That’s why we’ve put together this small comparison.

Radio Music Differences and Similarities

Spotify and Pandora are, at their core, both music providers. There are plenty of similarities between the two. Both allow you to choose the type of music you’re listening to, and both give you ads to support the service in free mode. You can buy premium versions for both that remove the ads and give you more control over such features as skips. Both can be used in a radio mode, and both offer plenty of features for discovering new music.

However, there are fundamental differences in their models. Spotify allows you to create playlists, listen to albums, and focus on artists. Pandora, by contrast, is internet radio. You can control the type of radio you are listening to, but are more likely to discover new stuff instead of keeping close to what you already have. These are significant differences, so their target markets are quite different. Spotify aims to provide you with the music you already love. Pandora aims to introduce you to new stuff.

Pandora Pros and Cons

pandora vs spotify apps battle

Pandora has great features, but some downfalls as well.


  • The Music Genome Project: Pandora’s real selling point is its ability to match songs with other songs. Whether by genre, style, or other mysterious factors, Pandora’s recommendation feature is fantastic.
  • Endless streaming: You can keep on playing Pandora for as long as you want without having to change anything. Just let it know you’re still listening occasionally and you’re good to go.
  • Cheap premium: At only about four bucks a month, the ad-free, desktop-app-enabled version of Pandora is a bargain compared to the average music streaming site’s price.


  • Less control: You can only skip a certain number of times on Pandora. You also can’t create playlists, just stations that match the mood you’re going for. Also, technically, you’re more limited on the number of stations you can create, although at around 100 you won’t feel it much.
  • Fewer songs: Pandora has just over a million songs, including stuff by some pretty obscure artists. However, compared with the average music streaming service, this isn’t top shelf.

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Spotify Pros and Cons

spotify vs pandora apps comparison

Spotify is a strong app, but everything has its disadvantages.


  • Huge library: With upwards of twenty million songs, you can probably find the song you’re looking for on Spotify unless the artist has chosen to withhold their music.
  • Great social features: Fantastic Facebook integration makes it easy to share music with friends.
  • Instant new uploads: When a new album comes out, Spotify does its very best to make it available as soon as possible.


  • Mediocre radio feature: Spotify has a radio feature, but it’s rather lackluster. It plays things close to the cards, repeating songs from your playlists often, and doesn’t get adventurous.
  • Can’t clear queue: This is a strange little lack: you can’t clear your play queue. That means if you play an album, it’ll keep playing it over and over until you choose another album. It’s small, but very annoying.

Pandora and Spotify: Who Wins?

Ultimately, the music service you choose depends on what you want. However, we think that Spotify gets the top billing for its diverse types of services. It packs playlists, discovery, and radio into one app. Now, if you’re really interested the radio feature, you might want to go with Pandora instead, since its algorithms are more robust. However, overall, Spotify wins this one.

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