Pic Collage vs Picstitch: Apps Comparison

Pic Collage Alternatives

Pic Collage and Picstitch are part of a growing genre of apps dedicated to allowing you to make collages from your photos. The increasing popularity of internet photography has made users hungry for newer, more interesting types of photo editing app, and the specialization market has grown accordingly. Pic collage apps allow you to put photos together to create a single image that showcases all of the pictures you put in it. Many such apps also allow basic editing, like filters, to be applied, which gives a more harmonious look to the piece. Pic Collage is a major competitor in this field, but Picstitch is growing in popularity as well. Which is best? Well, we will see.

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Pic Collage and Picstitch Differences and Similarities

Both of these apps work on the same basic principle: get your photos, put them into frames, and make them look pretty. Both apps are free, and offer lots of frames, stickers, and other such decorations to add to make your collage really shine. Both apps are also available on both Android and iOS, so regardless of which of the two most common operating systems your phone has, you’ll probably be able to find it for yours.

The two mainly different on available layouts and stickers. Each come with their own unique sets; which of these is better is largely a matter of personal taste. You can easily see what the stickers are like by looking up samples online, so it’s wise to check out each app’s style before you make a final decision.

Pic Collage Pros and Cons

pic collage vs picstitch comparison apps

Pic Collage has many excellent features, but it comes with some downsides to. The pros are:

  • Robust editing: Lots of filters and the option to edit your photos yourself make this a very worthwhile experience if you’re looking for the ability to tweak photos to perfection.
  • Sharability: You can share to any social media platform and even, for a fee, send a postcard! That’s an unusual enough feature to be worth paying attention to.

The cons are:

  • No printing: There’s no option to print directly from the app; you have to upload it somewhere and then go download it to print. The extra steps are a little vexing.
  • Paid stickers: There are a lot of stickers you have to buy in order to use. They’re very cute, but might not be worth your money depending on your point of view.

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Pic Stitch Pros and Cons

pic collage and picstitch apps battle

PicStitch is really making a name for itself in the collage market. The ups and downs should be examined, however, to give a complete picture. The pros are:

  • Huge numbers of layouts: With 230+ layouts, you will probably never run out of options on PicStitch. You can choose between fifteen different aspect ratios, too! No matter what size you need, for printing or web publishing, PicStitch has you covered.
  • Easy print order: Looking to cherish that memory of your sleeping daughter forever? Make a collage and send it out quickly and easily to the local printing store. It’s incredibly fast and easy.

The cons are:

  • Ads: There are loads of ads in PicStitch. True, it’s a free app, so you have to expect a few. Still, it’s an annoying experience to have banners everywhere.
  • In app purchases: Like ads, Picstich has lots of places where you’re urged to upgrade your design by buying something. Be careful not to accidentally click. Paid filters are perhaps the worst offender – there aren’t many free ones.

Pic Collage and PicStitch: Who Wins?

Both apps certainly have their upsides and downsides and offer benefits. But though Pic Collage is a classic, in the end, we feel that PicStitch wins out. With more free stickers and a huge number of layouts, the app really gives you a robust free experience considering its nonexistence price tag. For enjoyable hours spent playing around with collages, PicStitch is the place that you truly want to turn.

If you’re not sure about Pic Collage vs PicStitch, contact us and let us help you decide.