Pic Lab App Review

Pic Lab App Review

Pic Lab is one of the many options available for mobile photo editing today. With the growth of better smartphone cameras has come an influx of apps that help you make your pictures beautiful, and Pic Lab is no different. It’s a great little app with plenty of features and only a few downsides.

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Pic Lab App Pros and Cons

There’s plenty of good things about PicLab, but not everything is positive.

Great features:

  • Layer support: Layer support, where you can make edits on individual layers, is a sign of a powerful photo editor. Pic Lab provides.
  • Easy editing: Editing is pretty simple with Pic Lab. You don’t need an account, and the layout is very intuitive. It’s fun to use and easy to pick up.


  • Lots of locked content: Pic Lab is notorious for its habit of making you unlock sticker packs, and then making you pay more for certain stickers in the pack.
  • Marks photos: Photos editing with Pic Lab will display a watermark, which may annoy some perfectionists who want really beautiful photography. You can edit this out in another app, but it’s a bit of a pain.

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Pic Lab Photo Editor and Other Similar Apps

Pic Lab is an app that does come recommended if you’re looking for a full-featured free app and don’t mind dealing with premium content options. However, if you’re looking for a different type of app that you can still edit with, try out VSCO. Whatever you choose, we hope you get what you’re looking for and enjoy your editing.

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