Pinterest Review

Pinterest App Review: Description

Pinterest is an image sharing app that allows you to create virtual pinboards and share photos with friends. It’s a simple app that’s well-executed and allows users to discover visual content and save resources quickly and easily. With a solid concept and development, Pinterest is worth the time.

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Pinterest Mobile App Pros and Cons

Every rose has its thorns, so let’s look at the pros and cons of Pinterest.


  • Fun, easy image organization: It’s hard not to organize your work on Pinterest, so you’re more easily able to create reference boards that you can quickly navigate.
  • Solid search feature: You can search anything easily on Pinterest, from one word to multiple.
  • Convenient pinning: The app works very similarly to the web browser version, so you’re unlikely to find yourself confused.


  • Invitation only: If you want to join Pinterest, you have to wait for an invite or sign up for the waitlist to get in.
  • Lackluster suggestions: Pinterest’s suggestion feature does its best, but it’s not too hot on more obscure stuff.
  • Less customization: You can’t change the cover photo for a board, or edit much about it other than its name and content.

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Pinterest Review and Alt Suggestions

Overall, Pinterest is a good app for visual discovery and social media. However, if you’re unsatisfied, we suggest Tumblr as an alternative. It allows you to share photos in a similar way, and while organizing is harder, it’s still possible. Try Pinterest if it seems like it would appeal to you, and enjoy your exploration.

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