Pinterest vs Instagram: Apps Comparison

What Are Pinterest and Instagram?

Pinterest and Instagram are both visual social media websites, where you can share photos of your interests. Visually-focused social media is increasingly popular, with the rise of “aesthetic” blogging. Everyone wants to look pretty, popular, and put together, and Instagram and Pinterest, along with other visual social websites, help you do that.

The Primary Differences between Pinterest vs Instagram

Pinterest and Instagram belong to roughly the same category. Both of them are free to use and have millions of users. They’re both easy, fun ways to see pretty new pictures that inspire you. However, there are some significant differences.

The most important one is that their aim is different. Pinterest is all about “bookmarking” things you like. It exists so that you can find the stuff you enjoy again. Instagram is more about creating and absorbing art: it’s for photography as a medium, not reference.

Pinterest: The Pros and Cons

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Pinterest has its strengths, but it has its weaknesses too.

The pros:

  • Easy sharing: On Pinterest, you can easily repin other people’s pins – in fact, that’s most of the point. Thus, it’s very easy to share great pictures you find just by pinning them on your own boards.
  • Fun search for discovery: It’s easy and fun to search for things on Pinterest, no matter what you’re into. The most obscure subjects will probably return some pins somewhere, no matter what they are.
  • Great organization: Where did you put that recipe you wanted? Well, probably on your recipes board. Pinterest makes it easy, and indeed almost mandatory, to organize the pictures you enjoyed by subject. You could theoretically have one big board, but who would?

The cons:

  • No editing: You can’t use Pinterest to edit anything you post. You just have to post it as-is.
  • Poor recommendation algorithms: Pinterest doesn’t really understand why you pinned what you pinned, especially if you’re into something more specific, so its recommendations can get a little off.
  • Messaging system: The messaging system on Pinterest isn’t really amazing. It’s a more recent feature, and it’s a little bit tricky to use.
  • Fussy interface: Using Pinterest, especially on browser, is kind of a pain. Once you get used to it the system becomes easier, but it’s still vaguely annoying to sift through all your boards and pin things quickly.

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Instagram: The Pros and Cons

instagram vs pinterest comperison and benefits

There are great things about Instagram and not-so-great things.

The pros:

  • Filters: The main draw of Instagram is its many filters, which take your photos from normal-looking to gorgeous in just a few seconds.
  • Post your own images easily: Instagram is made for posting photos, so putting them up is no hassle at all. The hardest choice you make will be which filter to use.
  • Tagging system: Tags allow you to make your work more visible to other people, and they’re super easy to use. Just add a hashtag to something in your description.

The cons:

  • Weak search: Searching through specific tags isn’t particularly easy, particularly on mobile.
  • No saving: You are not able to save other people’s pictures except through your likes, which aren’t easily sorted. This is a significant weakness in the functioning of the service.
  • No sharing: You can’t easily re-share an image on Instagram; you have to repost it with credit to the original. Unfortunately, this encourages picture theft.
  • Mediocre browser support: Using Instagram on a browser isn’t really very much fun. It’s clear that this was developed as an app, and only later given browser support.

Which Is the Best in Instagram vs Pinterest?

So which should you get? That really depends on what you’re going for. Since the two apps are really different, your choice of platform is going to be determined by your desires. If you’re looking to build a library of resources, go with Pinterest. If you’re looking to develop your instincts as an artist and a photographer, choose Instagram. Either way, happy photoblogging!

If you’re still not sure whether to choose Pinterest vs Instagram, investigate all about them!