Scribd App Review

Review of Scribd Ebooks

Scribd is one of the oldest and most respected eBook subscription apps on the marketplace. Its business model is simple: three books and one audiobook, plus access to unlimited books curated by the editors, at the low monthly price of about nine dollars. You can get documents, comic books, and audio with the app, making it a good bet for all your reading needs.

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Scribd Mobile App Pros and Cons

There are both good and bad things about Scribd. Here we look at both sides of the picture.


  • Offline content: You can store books offline so that you can access them if you need them without an internet connection.
  • Syncing: Syncing your books is automatic between the website and the app, so you can put down your laptop and immediately pick up your place on your phone.
  • Large document library: In addition to its books, Scribd offers documents from sheet music to government records, some of which are free.


  • Can’t download titles: The titles you buy on Scribd cannot be transferred to another app, so if you want a book for, say, your Kindle, you’ll have to buy it twice.
  • Frequent stability issues: Many users report stability issues with the app, which can be very frustrating.

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Scribd Review

Overall, Scribd is a good option for subscription based services. However, Bookmate is another option, and so are Bookbub and Google Play Books. There are lots of different places to get eBooks if you’re looking for them. Don’t miss out – find the format that works best for you.

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