Soundcloud Review

Soundcloud App Review

Soundcloud has found its niche: independent artists. Originating as a website that allowed you to upload and listen to audio, Soundcloud has an app now. It has radio options for more music that you love and plenty of other interesting features. In this review, we’ll examine it in more detail.

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Soundcloud Mobile App Strengths and Weaknesses

Soundcloud has lots of great features that are unique and interesting. However, we’ll also look at its weaknesses as well.


  • Lockscreen navigation: Play, pause or skip right from the lockscreen.
  • Amazing discovery: Check out what your favorite artists like to listen to as well as getting recommedations.
  • Lots of new artists: Soundcloud is free to use and allows anyone to join, so you can discover hot new artists before they even get their break.


  • Ads: Unsurprisingly, Soundcloud’s free version is ad-supported. It could be worse, but you should be aware.
  • Pro version: Like many music aps, Soundcloud has features which can only be accessed by subscribing to their “Go” service. In this case, ad-free listening and offline modes are the major draws.

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Final Judgement and Alternate Soundcloud App

Soundcloud’s unique focus on indie artists and its social media features make it difficult to compare to other apps. However, for huge amounts of music with good social media integration, Spotify is an alternate suggestion. Like Soundcloud is has a pro option and radio stations as well as individual songs. Enjoy your music the way like it.

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