Spotify App Review

Spotify Music Review

Spotify is an app that aims to be your one-stop shop of music. You can listen to almost every artist you love on Spotify for free, both on desktop and on mobile. Ads and limited mobile functioning on the free version limit you, but there’s still an astounding amount of music to hear and enjoy.

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Spotify Mobile App Pros and Cons

Although Spotify is very robust, it also has things to work on.


  • Vast library: The huge number of songs on Spotify are one of its primary draws. Very few large artists choose to withhold their songs.
  • New music comes quickly: As soon as a new album drops, Spotify will have it up and ready.
  • Social integration: Spotify is well-integrated with Facebook, so you can easily see what friends are listening to. You can share on other social media as well.


  • Lackluster radio feature: Spotify has attempted to break into the app radio niche, allowing you to create a station from any playlist. However, the stations tend to be a bit too similar, playing the same songs over and over.
  • No clear queue option: A small, strange, annoying lack: you can’t clear your queue. Play an album or playlist and it’ll just stay in your queue until you play another one.

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Alternate Spotify Suggestions

If Spotify isn’t your deal, Google Play music might provide something close to the same service. Alternately, if what you really want is music discovery, try Pandora. Whatever your choice, you deserve your music the way you want it. Get it now.

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