StumbleUpon Review

The StumbleUpon App

Bored? StumbleUpon is a one-stop solution to cure all your doldrums. The app is based around a simple premise: discovering interesting new stuff based on what you like. You select categories and interests, and then click a button. StumbleUpon takes you to new places based on your categories and what you’ve previously enjoyed. StumbleUpon started as a browser program, but has now developed an app.

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Pros and Cons of StumbleUpon Mobile App

As fun as it is, StumbleUpon has both its pros and its con. Here’s a quick look at both.


  • Easy to use: All you have to do is select interests and go, and you’ve got access to a world of fascinating knowledge.
  • Sharing and following: Most apps have some social features nowadays, and this one is no different. You can easily connect with friends and share discovery to email or social media.


  • Freezes often on some platforms: Some users report that the app tends to crash often for them.
  • A bit dull at the start: This can’t be helped, but StumbleUpon takes a little time to learn your interests. Don’t be surprised if it gets much better after a few days of use.

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Final Judgement on App StumbleUpon

There’s nothing quite like StumbleUpon on the web today. Its unique combination of pictures, videos, stories, and websites make it difficult to find an alternative to. However, if you’re looking for funny and interesting pictures, Imagur is a good alternate option. Tumblr can also give you your interest streamlined. Hopefully, one of these apps will bust your boredom.

We hope you’ve liked this StumbleUpon review, so let’s download it!