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Indeed Job Search Review

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Best Job Search App is one of the world’s largest job search websites, and now it’s come to app form. With Indeed, you can quickly apply to jobs, edit your profile, and find employers who are looking for someone…

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Tiny Scanner Review

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Tiny Scanner Review Tiny Scanner is a convenient little app that does the work of a scanner with just the touch of a button. You can scan multiple pages and share to yourself with a few clicks. It’s a convenient…

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GoToMeeting App Review

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GoToMeeting does exactly what you would think given its name: it allows you to attend meetings virtually. The app is a decent, relatively functional piece of technology that fulfills its intended goals. It’s easy to create and share presentations and…

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GoToWebinar Review

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GoToWebinar App Go To Webinar allows you to attend webinars from your smartphone, instead of having to stay at your computer. We are a mobile population, always rushing around, so it’s very convenient to be able to access these webinars…

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FaxFile App Review

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Fax File Review Fax File is a simple app with a single purpose: allowing you to send faxes to another person without using a fax machine. The scarcity of fax machines nowadays mean it’s hard to find one when you…