iheart radio vs pandora apps battle
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Dubsmash App Review

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Dubsmash Review Dubsmash is a rather unusual video app: it exists for short acting videos where you dub a quote over your video. It’s primarily focused on comedy, but quotes of various sorts can be found on the app. Naturally,…

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Pandora App Review

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Pandora Review Pandora is a custom radio station app that streams music based on your pre-existing tastes. It’s great at detecting what you like, and gets better the more you use it. Although it’s ad-supported, it has a premium version…

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Spotify App Review

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Spotify Music Review Spotify is an app that aims to be your one-stop shop of music. You can listen to almost every artist you love on Spotify for free, both on desktop and on mobile. Ads and limited mobile functioning…

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Shazam App Review

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Our Shazam Review Shazam took a simple problem, not being able to identify that song you heard at the grocery store/on the phone/on that television show, and solved it with an innovative solution. Shazam has a database of songs and…

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iHeart Radio Review

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iHeart Radio Review Summary iHeartRadio is one of the more popular radio apps on the market nowadays. It’s a free app that allows you to access radio stations, create custom stations, and like tracks you’ve enjoyed. If you’re a fan…

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Soundcloud Review

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Soundcloud App Review Soundcloud has found its niche: independent artists. Originating as a website that allowed you to upload and listen to audio, Soundcloud has an app now. It has radio options for more music that you love and plenty…

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TuneIn Radio App Review

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TuneIn Radio Review Although it’s sometimes said that radio is dead, you couldn’t prove it by the popularity of apps like TuneIn. TuneIn Radio is one of the many new apps that allow you to stream radio stations right to…