The Latest Music App for Best Listening Experience

The Latest Music App

Music is one of the world’s greatest pleasures. Babies are able to comprehend and even express a preference for music before they even learn to speak or understand language. Humans are, as you might say, hard-wired for music. It’s no surprise that it’s one of the things people have strong opinions about. One of those opinions is what app is right. You want your music delivered at the highest quality. But what app should you use?

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New Music Apps for Android and iOS

Our answer to that question is: whatever works for you. However, it’s not always easy to find what does work, so here’s our list of the best music apps for you to try. They each cover slightly different areas, so you can find whatever you’re looking for.

Tunein Radio

latest music app tunein radioFree, Android and iOS. More than 100,000 live radio stations are on offer with Tunein, giving you access to more live radio stations than you could ever listen to. You can get local content or on-demand streams in lots of different content fields. Music, sports, news, talk shows, and other excellent options are available with this app. Whether you’re looking for something right in your hometown or something from around the world, you can find it on Tunein.


Shazam new music apps for androidFree, Android and iOS. Have you ever heard a song in a shop or restaurant and futilely wished for the title and artist? Wonder no more with Shazam. Shazam detects, not just songs, but also television shows within seconds. All you have to do is record some audio from the source you’re listening to. You then get lyrics, purchase options, and streaming, as well as, of course, title and artist.


vevo music appFree, Android and iOS. If what you really miss is a replacement for your long-cherished and much-missed MTV, Vevo has you covered. Hundreds of music videos are on offer any time you want. Browse through the HD selection, create playlists, stream live musical performances, and get recommendations with this app. It’s like having all the features of a music player right there for music videos.


Soundcloud appFree, Android and iOS. More into independent music than the stuff you get out of the radio? SoundCloud is definitely what you need. As a community of musicians and bands, SoundCloud makes both publishing and listening easy. You can easily record and post your own audio, but if you’re not into that, don’t worry. Full-featured search options, song feeds, and an Explore section make this app fun to use to discover new music. Professionals, amateurs, and everything in between – SoundCloud has it all.


Tidal music$9.99 or $19.99/month, Android and iOS. This is a streaming service for those of you who are really into music in detail, not just for listening. True, there are 25 million lossless tracks. There’s also, however, offline modes, access to music videos, and in-depth interviews available right on the app. Tailored suggestions just for you make it fun to discover new music. It comes with a PC app, too.

NPR Music

NPR Music appFree, iOS. If you’re a huge fan of NPR, the world just got a little bit brighter for you. NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Concerts, All Songs Considered, and First Listen are now available in high quality for you to stream, plus there are streams from more than 100 different public radio stations. There’s so many great options available on the NPR Music app that even if you’ve never listened to NPR before, you might want to give it a try.

Qello Concerts

Quello ConcertsFree, Android and iOS. For the concert aficionado, welcome to your gateway to 1,500 performances. Concerts and documentaries are on-demand for your viewing pleasure with this app. If listening to music just isn’t enough, if what you long for are those high definition performances that show you the music in action, then Quello might just be for you. The sound quality and video definition are pretty amazing, and the free content is pretty extensive. For $7.99 a month, you can get complete access to everything in the library, too.


MusixMatch appFree, Android and iOS. If what you love about music is the words, then you’re in luck. This app has the world’s largest catalogue of lyrics and so you can listen to anything in your library synced perfectly with its lyrics. That’s not its only trick: you can search for music by lyrics and by titles as well, and, like Shazam, it can identify the music playing around you with just a tap.


Poweramp logo$3.99, Android. This program was once available on Windows, and in fact continues to be, but it’s expanded operations into Android. Not sure if it’s for you? Try the free 15-day trial. You’ll get support for a large number of formats, equalizers, crossfades, gapless playbacks, cool lock screen widgets, and loads more. This is the fancy music player you’ve been dreaming of.


Deezer icon$9.99/month, Android, iOS and Windows. Much like Tidal, this is a streaming service with 40 million plus tracks available in high quality. It made its name in Europe, but you can get it in over 180 countries now. The auto-recommendation feature is good, and you can import your own mp3s quickly and easily. It has web browser support, as well, for those of you who want to listen on your computer as well as your phone.

Get Better Music Apps

Whether you’re a music novice or a guru, whether you’ve got amazing noise-cancelling headphones or dollar store earbuds, you deserve an app that lets you enjoy your music to the fullest. These options are some of the best, so go forth and find something that suits you!

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