Top Latest Apps for Android of 2016

Best New Android Apps

Downloading new apps is lots of fun. It’s sort of like getting a package in the mail, but with instant gratification. You get to open it, play with it, and explore it, providing yourself with an excellent diversion. But just like getting junk mail is no fun, having to download a ton of apps without finding the right one is exhausting. That’s why we give you some great suggestions for new choices. Try them out and you’ll find them satisfying!

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Top New Apps for Android

These apps are all top-rated and newer releases on Google Play. They’re category-spanning, so whatever you’re looking for, you’re liable to find something.


Anchor top latest apps for androidFree. Ever thought that something like Twitter for audio would be great? Anchor is to podcasts as Twitter is to blogging, so if you have, you’re in luck. Each soundbite is a mini-clip of two minutes or less, which is called a wave. There’s a friends system in place so you can keep track of people whose waves you particularly enjoy. This app is not wholly new, having been released for iOS a few months ago, but it’s newly come to Android.


Stash best new apps for androidFree. An app so new it’s not yet been officially released, Stash is an amazing bookmarking app that automatically analyzes and sorts your links so you can easily access them when you need them. Autotagging helps make things easier to read and find. You can download the beta version if you like; it might be slightly unstable, but will nevertheless give you something to play with before the official version comes out. Oh, and there’s a chrome extension, too.


Indeed top new apps for androidFree. If you’re on the job hunt, you need Indeed. Free access to literal millions of jobs from thousands of websites gives you unprecedented access from a phone app. Plus, the app has a robust search feature and helps you with every stage from finding to applying. With more than 60 countries and 28 languages, there’s a good chance that, wherever you need to be, Indeed can take you there. You can use your device’s GPS to find jobs near you, too.


Sprightly appFree. For those who want to create a design project and have absolutely no design talent or experience – good news! You don’t have to let that hinder you anymore. Sprightly is a great business tool aimed at simplifying design. Create simple projects such as E-cards, fliers, posters, and catalogues for use in your business. Not new, but recently updated, this app is well worth a second look if you’re in need of these services.


Prisma iconFree. A fascinating photo editing app that focuses on cool filters which transform your photos into artistic masterpieces. Take your portrait from a regular photo into Pop Art or Cubism with just a click and a few seconds. This is not so much a tool for the serious photographer as it is something meant to be fun to use and enjoyable to mess with. You’ll be amazed at how different your pictures look!

Circle SideBar

Circle SideBar logoFree. Circle SideBar is the sort of thing most of us would never think of downloading an app for without having it brought to our attention. It’s a simple tool with plenty of features which is aimed at making your homescreen more organized and compact. You can customize the appearance of this shortcut tool, which you swipe from the side of your phone. Size, color, and other metrics are all up to you with this easy tool.

Google Allo

Google Allo logoFree. Google Allo is another messaging app, but it has some rather unique features. For instance, if you need to write in all caps, you can substitute by swiping and get larger or smaller text. Stickers, doodles, and emojis of all sorts are available, and there’s a preview of Google Assistant packaged in. Plus, for those private conversations, you can use private notifications, encryption, and expiring chats.

Easy Cleaner

Easy Cleaner iconFree. This is a quick fix for all your smartphone woes. Cleaning up files, boosting performance, cooling down the phone, optimizing performance, and managing apps is just a selection of what you can do with this extensive tool. The app boasts the ability to improve your phone’s performance by up to 60%, and it’s great for cleaning up old files and clearing space on your phone. The battery performance tool instantly finds battery-draining apps and turns them off for you. It also lets you know how much longer you have on your battery.


InkHunter appFree. Tattoos are a lifelong decision that many people don’t want to rush into. But how can you try a tattoo on? It’s not like an item of clothing. Inkhunter allows you to do so, though, by letting you upload scanned designs and try them out on a photo of your own body. No more wondering if it would look good or not – all you have to do is find or upload a design and go!


Spaces app androidFree. If regular social media is just too large and unfocused for you, Spaces is an interesting alternative. It’s a social networking and messaging app that’s meant for creating small networks, rather than large ones. It has all the usual features – sharing, messaging, and the like – but redesigned for use on a smaller, more intimate scale. Group conversations are easy on this app, and the user interface is fresh and new.

Find Best New Apps for Android

Now that you’re spared the hassle of searching yourself, we hope you’ll find even more enjoyment in that new-app feeling. From free to paid, there’s always something exciting happening in the Play store. Check it out now and provide yourself with a little treat!

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