Top Latest Apps for iOs

Latest iOS Apps

New apps are one of the world’s simple pleasures. The joy of knowing you have something new to play with can keep you occupied for hours if it’s complex enough. This is especially true of fun things like games, but even a new flashlight as interesting new things to explore if you look. Different colours, settings… Exploring a new app is always fun. But finding one isn’t always so enjoyable. If you’re swamped in new apps and not sure which to choose, here’s our top recommendations.

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New Apps for Apple

Here’s our list of the top ten new Apple apps. They span many different categories, and each represents a top choice in that category.


latest apps for ios Quik Free. If you want to make home movies that are edited to perfection, but are nervous about getting them right, Quik has your back. It only takes a few taps to get beautiful videos thanks to the skilled automation that Quik employs. Pick some pictures and video, and choose a theme or style; Quik will then do most of the work for you. If you choose, however, you can customize the process with text, music, format, and pace. You can also trim clips and rearrange the pieces.

Logical Fallacies and Cognitive Biases

new apps for ios logical fallacyFree. An app that’s half funny and half practical, this is a sticker pack that allows you to slap logical fallacies and cognitive biases down on conversations that have taken a turn for the worse. In other words, if someone’s employing circular reasoning, you can send a sticker that says “circular reasoning” to let them know you see what you’re doing. Perhaps not an app to use with friends who can’t take a joke, but fun anyway.


new apps for apple trillerEver wanted to star in your own music video? Congratulations – you have the opportunity now. Triller allows you to film clips with your friends, import them, and then, like Quik, automatically edits them. The difference is that Triller, once it lets you choose your music, produces a music video, with all the polish and effects that you’d expect from one. This is really fun to play around with if you’re a music fan and have some time!


Drops appFree. If you’ve always wanted to learn a language but simply don’t have the time, Drops is great news for you. It teaches you Italian, Spanish, German, French, or English in just five minutes a day. The app gives you illustrations which you then have to spell using the letters on the screen. It’s an edutainment-style game that will make learning a language more fun than you thought possible.


FabFocus ios$1.99. For those of you into photography, this is a great choice for a slick, clean editor that turns your portraits into instant masterpieces. It has automatic depth of field that can recognize faces and blur backgrounds slightly to add that focus you need. You can do quick touch-ups with your fingers in just seconds. There are bokeh effects too, which allow you to adjust and blur any points of light, which you can even change into little shapes such as hearts and stars.


iDoyle iconThe interactive Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – A Scandal in Bohemia: $2.99. This lengthily-named app is actually a novel in interactive form. From the creators of other iClassics such as iPoe and iLovecraft, this is the first of a planned series of Sherlock Holmes interactive adventures. The tale is read aloud, set to music, and illustrated, giving a kind of cross between an audiobook and a picturebook, except that you can interact with every piece of it. You can get it in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.


Couchy app$2.99. For the TV fanatics among you, Couchy is the organizer you need. Explore new shows based on what’s trending, popular, or anticipated. Sync all your collection on multiple devices. Import existing collections. Get calenders, notifications, and statistics. There are even widgets so that you can watch TV straight from your homescreen. You can easily manage your collections and satisfy your inner (or outer) geek with the detailed statistical information about your watching habits.

Tayausi Color

Tayausi Color$1.99. Ever seen those adult coloring books around and wondered what they’re like? Ever used one? Tayusi Color can provide you the complete experience for just a couple of bucks – you don’t even have to buy the crayons. With twelve illustrations and four ultra-realistic drawing tools that even come with immersive sound effects, you get the full package from Tayusi Color. Smart boundaries, fill tools, brush editors, and color editors as well as eyedroppers make this a fun experience that’s easy for anyone.


Flowing logoFree. We all know that nature is good for us. However, most of us struggle to spend enough time outside, or even in proximity to a window. Flowing aims to help you relax by delivering high-quality water sounds that help you relax and calm down. It integrates smoothly with other apps by the same developer, such as Windy, Sunny, and Away. The quiet sounds of babbling brooks will have you drifting off in no time.


FluXpad apple$7.99. Fluxpad is something totally new: a drawing tool for music. You can record your own sounds, but the interface is the real draw. There are six melody sequencers and a percussion sequencer, and all you have to do is draw to get your music. Y-axis controls pitch and X-axis controls duration, which is standard, but painting out a tune is an experience you’ll find totally new.

Find New Apps for iOS

Now you can enjoy the pleasures of a new app – a free one, even! – with less searching hassle. We hope you’ve enjoyed this list and we likewise hope that your new app adventures will also be enjoyable. Happy downloading!

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