Tumblr Review

Tumblr App Review Description

Tumblr is a microblogging platform with an unusual format that sets it apart from many other similar apps. Reblogging posts allows you to save them to your own blog, and on Tumblr you can post music, chats, videos, text, and pictures for others to enjoy.

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Tumblr Mobile App Pros and Cons

Tumblr’s mobile app has its upsides and downsides.

The good:

  • Unique format: Tumblr made waves with its unique “reblog” feature that allows you to take a post and save it to your own blog.
  • Multiple blogs: The sideblogs feature of Tumblr allows you to segment your content as much as you want.
  • Lots of contact options: Want to get ahold of someone? Send them an ask. Or mention them with the @ sign. Or message them. Or reply to their posts. Socialization is easy on tmblr.

The bad:

  • App-breaking updates: Tumblr is notorious among its userbase for its tendency to roll out unexpected and poorly-thought-out updates that cause issues.
  • Difficult to navigate mobile app: The mobile app has a habit of not sending asks, not picking up mentions, and other such inconsistencies. Tags are also harder to browse.
  • No comment threads: Interpersonal interaction is simple with Tumblr, but multiple people have it harder; you can’t reply to comments in an easy public way.

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Tumblr App and Similar App

Overall, Tumblr is a fun and interesting app with lots to do. But if you’re unsatisfied and are looking for an alternative app, try WordPress or Pinterest. Pinterest is good if you want to reshare pictures you love; WordPress is great if what you really enjoy is blogging.

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