Viber vs WhatsApp: Apps Comparison

What Are Viber and WhatsApp?

Viber and WhatsApp are both free messaging apps that allow you to make calls and send texts through the internet. Nowadays, messaging apps are a dime a dozen; Skype, Google Hangouts, and others have made the market full of easy ways that you can call and send messages via the internet. Viber and WhatsApp are, however, two of the most popular choices, and there are good reasons why. We will examine some of these in our review, but first, a little explanation on the way messaging apps in general work. In the case of both, you install the app on your phone, and then use your WiFi or data connection to call or text people, especially people who also have the app. This saves phone bills and expensive international charges.

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Differences and Similarities between the Apps

Viber and WhatsApp both use essentially the same mechanism – the internet call and message. Both are free to use; Viber once charged a fee for subscription beyond the first year, although it was only 99 cents, so it certainly wouldn’t bankrupt you. However, the paid service has been eliminated and now Whatsapp is free forever. Both services have a very intuitive design and layout, so you won’t get too confused about how to make a call.

WhatsApp doesn’t let you call anyone without the app installed. Viber does – for a fee. The other major difference between the two apps is that Viber is available on about every smartphone platform you can imagine and also on both Windows and Mac desktops. You can even, if you’re feeling particularly brave, transfer calls from the phone to the computer or vice versa.WhatsApp, by contrast, has support for most phone systems, but not the desktop app.

WhatsApp Pros and Cons

viber and whatsapp battle review

WhatsApp has some benefits and some disadvantages. Its benefits are:

  • Security: The encryption on WhatsApp is fantastic. You won’t have to worry about data theft at all.
  • Voice recordings: With WhatsApp, you can send voice recordings, like voice mail! You can use it kind of like a walkie talkie and chat in delayed time using voice.
  • User numbers: With over a billion users online, you can pretty easily find friends with Whatsapp. You won’t have to worry too much about getting them to download it.
  • Emojis: Whatsapp has a slightly larger emoji library.

By contrast, it’s weak in:

  • Compatibility: Slightly fewer systems and no desktop app. Having said that, it is compatible with the Nokia S40, unlike Viber.
  • Calling: You can’t actually do a real time video chat with people yet. The feature is said to be coming soon, but until then, we’ll wait and see.
  • Group Chat: At a 50-user limit, you’ll probably find WhatsApp sufficient for your needs, but it’s worth noting that this number is smaller than Viber’s options.

Viber Pros and Cons

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Likewise, Viber has its strengths and weaknesses. The best parts about Viber are:

  • Video calling: Video calling is simple with Viber; the feature is fully implemented and easy to use.
  • Contacts: With 100+ contacts allowable per group chat, you will probably never have occasion to wish you could invite just one more person.
  • Compatibility: As discussed, Viber covers six mobile systems and two desktop ones, an impressive number.
  • Outgoing calls: With Viber you can call outside the app for a fee.

The weaknesses of Viber are:

  • Security: Although it’s made encryption a priority in the last year or two, it had not before then, so you might be a little wary about your data.
  • Userbase: Viber is no slouch when it comes to users; it has 784 million as of a few months ago. However, this is still not quite on the level that Viber has reached.

Best Messenger App

Overall, the best option is probably Viber. Whatsapp is worth downloading if all your friends have it, but if you really want a great voice chat as well as a full-featured messaging app and personal computer app, Viber provides. It’s the best choice for your video calling needs.

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