VSCO Review

Apps for Photo Editing

Photography used to be an obscure hobby; now it’s something for the masses thanks to smartphones. However, with greater interest comes a need for better tools, and that’s where editors like VSCO step in. VSCO is a great photo editor that allows you to take beautiful pictures and edit them in detail, all from your phone.

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VSCO Photo App Pros and Cons

There’s a lot to love about VSCO, but we don’t want you to charge in unaware.

VSCO pros:

  • Advanced camera controls: Your smartphone doesn’t offer quite enough control over your photos? VSCO can help with its camera controls.
  • Great filters: VSCO’s presets are noticeably beautiful, and there are plenty available.
  • Lots of editing options: If the filters don’t work for you, there’s plenty of other editing you can do.

VSCO cons:

  • Overly minimalistic UI: Perhaps not surprisingly, VSCO tends to favor form over function, so the app can be confusing to use.
  • No batch editing: You can only edit one photo at a time – not unusual, but a bit inconvenient.
  • Purchase necessary for some content: Many of the filters are not free, or are only free for a limited time, which means getting more can be expensive.

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Apps for Editing Pictures

VSCO has solid support and good editing options. However, if one of its cons is a dealbreaker for you, an alternative option is Pic Lab. Both have support for iOS and Android, so you won’t miss out. Whichever you choose, we hope you go forth and taking beautiful pictures of your world. Enjoy your exploration.

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