Wattpad vs Kindle: Apps Comparison

What Are Kindle and Wattpad?

Kindle and Wattpad are two manifestations of a growing trend towards digital books. These days, people want online reading experiences to go with all the other easily-accessible online experiences that they have. If you’re already spending most of your time on the internet, there’s a lot of convenience in having your books there too. Many types of apps have evolved to fill this gap, starting with the existence of eBooks and their accompanying apps.

Differences and Similarities between Kindle vs Wattpad

Wattpad and Kindle, fundamentally, both provide the same kind of service. Both of them allow you to access stories and novels online, providing you with hours of entertainment and enjoyment. Both of them also function as self-publishing platforms, for those of you interested in such things. That means you can read lots of stories from many different authors.

However, the major difference is in emphasis. Although it’s possible to self-publish in Kindle, it’s primarily a vehicle for delivering previously published novels. By contrast, Wattpad exists only to self-publish. It’s a place for users to post their stories and develop audiences, meaning it’s almost all unpublished fiction.

Kindle Pros and Cons

wattpad vs kindle apps comparison

Kindle is an incredibly popular eBook store with lots of available stories. What are its strengths and weaknesses?

Kindle’s pros:

  • Millions of books: There are so many books available on the Kindle store, everything from classics to new release. If something has an eBook, you can probably find it on Kindle.
  • Easy download and sync: Kindle’s format is based on downloading books, so you won’t have to worry about complicated download procedures.
  • Offline modes: You can easily use your Kindle without the internet. Most of your stories will be available wherever you are, even if there’s no wifi or data signal.

Its cons:

  • Less free stuff: Although you can get free books available for the Kindle, these are mostly public domain works and one-day sales. If you’re vigilant you can amass a collection, but it takes a very long time.
  • More complicated to use: Kindle’s selection and download means that it takes longer to start reading stories. It won’t hinder you too much, but it’s a consideration.
  • Filters aren’t particularly good: The Kindle store isn’t too bad on filters, but it’s not its best feature, so you probably want to know what you’re looking for before searching.

Wattpad Pros and Cons

kindle vs wattpad apps battle

Growing in popularity, Wattpad is a fun place to read and discover new stories. Here are the good and bad things about it.

Wattpad’s pros:

  • All free: You won’t pay anything for your Wattpad stories! Just read them and enjoy.
  • Anyone can write: Stories outside the mainstream can easily be found on Wattpad, thanks to its large and diverse community of writers.
  • No download needed: Need something to read quick and don’t want to bother with downloading? With Wattpad, it’s very easy and quick to find your story.

Its cons:

  • Complex download: Downloading Wattpad stories for offline is not easy. There are lots of steps you have to take to get it done.
  • Limited number of stories: Since it’s a smaller platform, Wattpad doesn’t have officially published novels, just the stories its members have written.
  • Less quality control: Kindle has self-publishing, but the bulk of its business is official publishing. That highlights the downside of the anyone-can-write policy: a lot of stories just aren’t that great.

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The Best Online EBook Store

There are lots of reasons to choose both platforms, and they’re not really the same thing. However, there has to be a final judgment as to which gets you the best eBooks. In the end, if you’re looking for an eBook store, we recommend Kindle. Wattpad is great for what it is, and we think it’s great for you to check out, but for pure eBook buying power, Kindle wins out. Enjoy your reading and find some great stories, wherever you wind up going.

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