What Are the Best New iOS Games?

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There’s no question – the iPhone is great for games. There are so many apps available on the app store and so many great and innovated games being created every day. However, when there is so much richness, sometimes it’s difficult to find a way to stand back and say which ones are worth downloading! We’re providing you with a list of the latest, greatest iOS apps so you can decide which ones you think are worth it.

List of Best New iOS Games

These ten iOS games are new, hot, and lots of fun to play. We include price and a short review.

Pokemon Go!

Pokemon Go iphoneFree. Released for both Android and iPhone, the new form of Pokemon is a known winner. It’s unlike any other type of game, as it gets you out and moving around in the world. Walk to hatch Pokemon eggs and to spot and catch Pokemon, as well as out to Pokestops for more Pokeballs and other special prizes. You can even socialize – hang a lure out and see who comes! Pokemon Go! is unlike any other iOS game currently out there. Try it and see.


Retsnom ios gamesCurrently on sale for $0.99. This highly story-driven game, recent winner of Indie Strem Fest’s Best Narrative award and of a Famitsu Gold Dendo Award, follows a mother whose daughter has been bitten by a zombie. You play as the mother, traveling to the future to steal a medicine your colleagues are developing. 61 levels of unique puzzles and achievements, as well as three hidden stages, give you plenty to explore. The retro pixel art style and beautiful soundtrack makes it a sensory delight to play.

Really Bad Chess

Really Bad Chess iphone gameFree. A weird, fun new game to consider, Really Bad Chess is played like regular chess… But with completely random pieces. NPR’s Weekend Edition of 5 out of 5 Stars highly recommended the game, calling it an excellent puzzle experience for those interested in strategy games of all types. Forget all the openers you were taught – you’ll need to innovate. Whether you’re an expert or a novice, you’re certain to learn something new with this game.

Sorcery! 4

Sorcery! 4 game$4.99.Technically the fourth part of a series, this RPG nevertheless stands well on its own. The other parts have, however, been called “one of the finest RPGs to ever be made”. Sorcery! bends the boundaries of genre, exploiting tropes without ever crossing the line into parody. It’s an open-world adventure through a cursed citadel filled with monsters and magic. Watch out for traps! The lovely hand-drawn graphics will catch your attention, too.

Bullet Hell Monday

Bullet Hell Monday gameFree. Named after the nickname “bullet hell” for shooters with overwhelming amount of enemies, this game promises plenty of shoot-‘em-up action. If you’re a fan of shooter games, you should definitely check this one out. It’s got over 50 content levels with challenge modes and rankings, which allow you to go against your friends or against outside competitors or even against the leaderboards if you’re aiming for perfection. There are four different difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Heaven.


Ember game ios$9.99. A story-driven RPG, Ember features classic roleplaying art reminiscent of WoW. You, the player, begin in the Deep Barrows and are traveling to the City of Light. There are more than seventy quests, twenty handcrafted backgrounds, and loads of NPCs and companions. There’s even a dynamic weather and time system! You also get a branching storyline, a crafting system, a great skill tree, and party-based real-time combat.


Solitairica game$1.99. Gorgeous, quirky artwork really makes this mashup of solitaire and an RPG worth checking out. It’s set in the land of Myriodd, where the Emperor Stuck has been terrorizing the people. You’re the latest in a line of warriors who set out to challenge the Emperor, but can you make a real difference? There are four energies to master: attack to destroy cards, defense for countering and armor, agility for peeking and quickness, and willpower for healing and magic.

Treasure Buster

Treasure Buster game ipadDelve into deep dungeons looking for amazing loot and encountering dragons, monsters, and other nasty beasts. $0.99. Six unique heroes make this arcade game lots of fun to play and explore. The classical, well-drawn pixel art looks just like an arcade game but with extra polish. You can compete with other players to become regional or global leader. There’s two modes: arcade and endless gamble. Bonus: the retro music by Matt Creamer, which adds to the arcade feel and aesthetic of the game.

Vulture Island

Vulture Island gameAn exploration-focused platform game, Vulture Island follows the story of the boy who builds a flying machine and, when something goes wrong, he gets himself lost and his friends stuck on an island. Puzzles and enemy battles keep the game lively, and the classic pixel art looks sharp on your screen. Plus, if you fail, you’re simply thrown back to the map instead of losing all your progress. Find Benjamin and get the kids off Vulture Island.


Stencilsmith game logo$0.99. Stencilsmith is a sort of mashup of an adventure game and a puzzle game: it takes all the elements of an adventure and distills them into a very minimalistic puzzle game. It’s got elements of Minecraft, Threes, and a battle game. Slide cards and stencils together to battle enemies, mine resources, and craft tools. Or move all the cards by swiping. Run out of hearts or moves, and you’re done for.

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Best New Games for iOS

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of most enjoyable games. Try some out for yourself and see whether or not you agree with the hype. Now go forth and have a great time gaming! Enjoy your exploration of these awesome new games.

Try the best new iOS games and be amazed at how much fun you have!