When I Work Employee Scheduling App Review

When I Work Employee Scheduling Review

When I Work is an app with one purpose: make it easier for employees and employers to track shifts and report time. It fulfills this purpose admirable with many features that help you register shifts, request time off, and clock time. It’s easy to use and free or low cost, too.

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When I Work Employee Scheduling Pros and Cons

When I Work is simple and functional. However, it has a few bugs to iron out. Here’s a quick look at both sides.


  • Free or low price: It’s free for the first five employees and $1 a month per employee afterwards.
  • Notifications and easy swap shifts: Email notifications are sent out an hour before shift, and if you need to swap, you can do so right there in the app.
  • Timesheets: You can easily view and edit timesheets, and there’s a companion app that allows you to go into more detail with them.


  • Stability issues: A general suite of stability issues plague this app, which crashes for some people frequently and doesn’t accept input from others occasionally.
  • Chat doesn’t work well: Some users have reported an issue with WorkChat, one of the features, working poorly. Until this issue is fixed, therefore, it’s something to be aware of.

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Best App for Scheduling

When I Work is a solid scheduling app with many features. However, if you’re looking for another scheduling app, ShiftTracker is an option too. Improve your efficiency and shift scheduling with one of these simple apps.

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