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compare apps for androidPicking out an app can be a tricky business. This is particularly true if you’re planning on purchasing one, rather than using a free version. After all, you don’t want to spend money on something that will turn out to be terrible. However, even when you’re trying to choose between free apps, it can get tricky. On most platforms, for most apps, there are several options, sometimes even dozens. It can be very confusing! You don’t have time to stop and compare all the features yourself, usually – you just want to be able to quickly skim a list or check a review. That is why we offer free reviews, comparisons, and guides.

Great Mobile App Reviews

top mobile apps reviewGot your eye on an app? Not sure whether or not to buy? It’s a tricky business. Maybe it’s expensive and you’re not sure whether it’s worth the money. Or maybe you just don’t know if it’s worth the valuable memory that it will take up. Either way, we provide full reviews for you. They come with lists of best features and worst downsides, the reviewer’s thoughts on the app, and descriptions of what the experience of using the app is like. If you’re looking for something that tells you everything you need to know, in complete detail, you can’t do better than the full reviews. It’s simple to get all the facts on the app you’re considering before you even seek it out at the app store you use.

Best App Pros and Cons

online mobile apps reviewsIf you’re looking for something a little less detailed than a full review, but still chock full of helpful information about apps and services, check out the pros and cons. They’re like shortcuts – quick, to the point, and succinct. You’ll quickly know the best and worst of any app so you can decide whether or not it will balance out for your purposes. Maybe it’s slow, but you don’t mind because you’re not in a hurry. Or maybe it crashes a lot and that’s a dealbreaker for you. Maybe it’s full of ads, and normally you’d hate that, but you’re willing to put up with it because this app has that one feature you’ve been trying to find for ages. Whatever the case, find out quickly with this feature.

10 Top Mobile Apps

best apps for iphoneMaybe you don’t have an app in mind at all yet! If you’re trying to find something, check out our top 10 categories. You can easily find out what we consider the best apps in all the categories you’re looking for. The top 10 lists will have brief feature notes so you can decide for yourself which ones seem best. If you’re lost, this is the best way to easily get an amazing app that will work wonders for you. You won’t have to find and try endless numbers of apps for the same purpose anymore. It’s never been easier.

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Maybe after using the top 10 feature, you’ve narrowed it down to a couple. Or maybe you’ve already got a few in mind that you want to compare. You don’t have to go into the apps themselves and check out a detailed list of their features. Let us do that for you. We allow you to easily compare apps and decide which one sounds best for you. All the tedious business of trying to decipher technical language evaporates. Instead, you can clearly see in simple terms what the key features of each app are and how they stack up against each other. We make it enjoyable and satisfying, instead of tiring, to compare apps and get the best.

App How To’s and Guides

A little lost on how to use your smartphone or a particular app on it? We have guides on everything from finding to downloading to using apps. We know that the constant updates on OS’s, phones, and apps can get confusing. That’s why we do our best to keep our guides up to date and provide you with complete information. If you’re in a pickle, don’t worry. Our professionals will guide you through the process with helpful assistance, thoughts on choosing, and information on what to do once you’re ready to download. Our philosophy is: if you don’t know how to do something, never be embarrassed. Strive to learn instead. We want to help you do that with our free guides.

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Once you’ve chosen an app, you want to make sure that you’re using it to its full potential. However, features aren’t always obvious. Just because you downloaded something doesn’t mean you understand it or that it’s obvious what it can do for you. We can help you figure out everything that an app can do for you. For instance, our reviews will list important or unusual features so that you can decide if you want to use them. We can also help you decide which app to select based on your needs. Finally, we keep you at the forefront of technology with industry news and updates. Never miss the latest apps again!

Finding the Best Apps

We’re committed to making app shopping easier for everyone. We know that you don’t want to spend a lot of time on picking out your app. You want to be able to choose and go quickly and easily without doubting whether yours was the correct choice. We understand that goal, and we want to help you be able to do it. We’re passionate about technology and application development, and we know that you share that passion! We hope that we can increase it by making it easier and more fun for you to choose a great app. Shopping for anything should be fun, not tiring, and that goes for apps too.

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